Chef Cody Storts has worked with 30 restaurant concepts in Southern California and Texas. Focused on using the best ingredients and classic techniques in a fun and approachable way, Cody creates cuisine that plays on the entire palate, and for which there are few comparisons. The Fullerton native moved to Texas as a child before finding his way back to Orange County in later years. He had a background in theater and front of house restaurant experience when he enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena in 2004.  That same year he went to culinary school he underwent gastric bypass surgery, putting him in a unique position he needed to taste the food, but no longer had the room in his stomach to eat full plates or large tastings. This quandary shaped his theory on food to pack as many flavors into one bite as possible.

He's used his expertise to launch several successful concepts and catering ventures in Orange County and beyond. He's currently Executive Chef and Co-Owner at Wreckless in Downtown Fullerton, focusing on his unique approach to New American cuisine.


Wreckless takes the rulebook and throws it out the window on a highway of a speeding car.

The restaurant is on a path of its own demanding to be reckon with.
Nothing permanent, continually evolving, always getting better.

Dropping new dishes like its HOT every week (figuratively and literally).
Constantly on the hunt for new experiences, intense flavors, and invigorating ingredients.

This is our PASSION, our core.
What you ordered last week may be the last time you will ever taste it. 

Fast and furious is an understatement. This is one in a life time.

At Wreckless you will eat well, drink well, and SAVOR the moment.
Cuz’ you may recognize the place, the people, but you will never recognize the plates! 



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